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Jean-Claude’s Blog Post

May 3,2014 

Today I saw a “gang” of wild turkeys (that’s what a group of them are called).  They have bald heads and about 5000 feathers over their bodies.  I wonder who counted all those feathers. If someone scares them, did you know they can run nearly 25 miles an hour…..that seems as fast as a human athlete! They were a pretty noisy gang too, because the males were gobbling at the group to round them up. I could hear them nearly a mile away. They come into the woods and sit on the branches of trees to stay safe during the night.  Sometimes it gets a little crowded here, but it is good to have friends nearby.

If something or someone scares them, their bald head can turn bright pink/red or blue. I just have to hold onto my beret, whistle for the family and run when I’m scared.

More to come on the beautiful flowering weeds in the fields now.  I’m painting everyday.


April 23, 2014

It has been almost a week since Easter but I still find surprises in the woods.

It looks like someone already painted these eggs.  Maybe I will just leave them out here for a little color. I never ate an egg before, but they could be good.

What do you think?




Jean-Claude’s Blog Post
April 11, 2014

Everything is turning green with the rains and today’s sunshine.  I looked for flowering weeds or wild flowers and could not find any except the few you see here. They are so pretty, so I left them there for others to enjoy.  Does anyone know what kind they are? Early this morning I saw something I never saw before……it was a beautiful white deer….she only had a couple red spots on her.  At first I thought she was a cow, because all the cows are coming back from their winter locations. She was standing with her family, and I just had to keep looking at her.  I hope she stays safe. Keep looking for pretty things, and I’ll be back soon.

Jean-Claude’s Blog Post
June 21, 2013

Looking for Jean Claude on the first day of summer.

Looking for Jean Claude

I think he might be sleeping late!


Jean-Claude’s Blog Post
January 6, 2012


Jean-Claude’s Blog Post
September 9, 2011

I was brave last week and went right up on a front porch to see what was happening in a human house.  There I was with my front feet on the top step looking through the glass door……………I don’t have a door……….can’t really understand why they need one.  The humans seemed frightened by me, so I ran under the porch and out the back of the house to my den.

Soon it will be time to go home to get ready for a winter nap. What to do first?


Jean-Claude’s Summer Blog Post
June 10, 2011

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today. I’m going out to run through the grass.